Welcome to ILVBooks

We know how difficult it is for new authors to convince a publisher to publish their manuscript. Rejections keep coming, which can be very depressing. ILVBooks wants to give new authors a fair chance of getting their book on the market and support them in becoming successful authors.

Becoming an author

Do you dream of becoming a published author? The following steps will bring you closer to fulfilling your dream.

The first and most important step is to get your ideas out of your head and on to paper and write your book. Your manuscript doesn’t have to be perfect or error-free before you submit it to ILVBooks.

Have you already got a finished manuscript? Congratulations, you have already taken the biggest step! What are you waiting for? It is easy to submit your manuscript to us – by post, email or simply using our form.

Next, your manuscript will go through an initial check by our editor. If they like what you have written, we’ll give you a publishing contract. Once you have signed the contract, your manuscript will be looked at more closely by our proofreaders and editors and made fit for release.

Want to publish a book? ILVBooks is your partner.

Submit your manuscript and bring your story to your readers.

Write a book

Because there is an idea inside you. And it’s trying to get out. Write it! Write it all down, until the last word that’s going around in your head is down on paper. Write the book that you have always wanted to write. We’ll do the rest.

Send us your manuscript!

You’ve done it. Your book is finished. Now what? As a new author, it is usually very difficult to convince a publisher to publish your book. It is important to ILVBooks that we support new authors like you on their way to becoming an author. How do we do this? Be brave and send us your manuscript!

Details of how to format your work or which font to use are not important to begin with. Simply send us your manuscript by post, as a pdf document by email or using our form. Ideally, you will also send us a synopsis of your manuscript (a short summary and description of the main character(s) and the fundamental conflicts or themes).

Into the book shop, one step at a time!

Once we have received your manuscript, it will go through an initial check by our editor. If they like it, we will get down to the nitty gritty and send you a contract to sign. Once you have signed this, your work will be fine-tuned by our editors and proofreaders. It will be formatted and given a suitable cover. And so, one step at a time, your book will make its way into the book shop.

Marketing lets everyone know about your book!

Simply publishing your book is, of course, not the whole story. Once it has been published, your potential readers need to know about you and your book. We will deal with marketing for you. Whether working with the press, organising readings or social media marketing – people need to know about your brilliant book. The right marketing, readings, book fairs etc can make this happen.

So, where’s your book?

Sounds much easier than you expected? What are you waiting for? Just pluck up the courage and send us your manuscript now!

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