We look forward to receiving every manuscript, every passion project, sent to us by new authors. As specialists in the field, we love helping authors bring their “babies” to market.

We see it as our job to discover new talent and convince people to take the next step. Alongside the talented people and linguistic acrobats we discover, we want to use our know-how in the field, our many years of experience and our devotion to guide our new authors along the path to establishing themselves in the book industry. For this reason, we are excited about every author who plucks up the courage to take the first step with us.

What does the first step to becoming an author look like?

Now’s the time to use your initiative – take a deep breath and just do it. We are looking forward to receiving your manuscript! Here are a few tips so that your project can begin quickly and smoothly:

1) Personal Details

As well as your completed manuscript, we ask you to send us the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Illustrations, if you want them in your book
  • Ideally, a synopsis of your work

This enables us to get an overview of your work and makes it easier to contact you during the rest of the process.

2) What does a synopsis look like?

To make it easier for our editors to get a quick overview and first impression of your content, we ask you to send a synopsis with your manuscript. Ideally, this will be about a page in length. It should contain a short summary of the content of your manuscript: What is it about? Who are the main characters? This provides our editor a quick overview of the main characters, the plot and the main conflicts or themes of the text. The synopsis should not include details, such as conversation or passages of text.

3) Does my manuscript have to be formatted?

No. When you submit your manuscript to us, details such as font and layout are not important. You do not even have to worry about errors. Once you have submitted your manuscript, it will be checked by our editors. If they like it and when you have signed your contract, our proofreaders and editors will fine-tune your work.


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